Weekly Update: Less is More

Sorry it is brief, luckily I typed ‘the week ahead’ last night…. I’m afraid the results and other shenanigans will have to wait for another day. I’m onto one-handed typing now. ….sorry. sam x


The Week Ahead

There are a couple of options available for you on Tuesday. First off, there is the next of the fell training sessions, providing lots of helpful practice for running fast down big hills and walking up them when you think nobody is watching. I note that Brian Hainsworth is coaching, but at least it isn’t navigation training and Emma D will be there so we should be grateful for small mercies. Meet in the carpark outside the Black Swan in Burn Bridge for 6.30pm.


If that isn’t your kind of thing, then there’ll be a normal club run at the normal time (well, I say normal. It isn’t often a word associated with Nidd Valley) on Tuesday. However, as the council are resurfacing the road or digging holes or otherwise messing about with theodolites, we won’t be able to get to the club house. So please meet outside the Empress Pub, please park considerately, and be good to go for 7pm. The choice of this weeks run is taken by….


Again, there is a choice for your Thursday run. Emma D will be hosting an away from club run round Thruscross Reservoir. It’s beautiful up there, and Emma’s meticulous planning will only improve things further. Meet at the carpark on top of the dam (postcode is HG3 4BB) for 7pm, and enjoy the 4 – 5 mile run she has in store. You might want to think about wearing some trail shoes if you have them, but you’ll survive if you only have road shoes. We’ll repair to the Sun Inn at Norwood for drinks, snacks and chat afterwards.


As an alternative option on Thursday, Fell Running Phil will be leading a recce of the Roundhill Fell Race route in readiness for Sunday. The pace will be social and nobody will be left behind, so feel free to come along and see what it is all about. Off-road shoes will be the order of the day. Meet at 6.30pm at the car park near Timble (to find it, drive down the A59 from Harrogate, turn right at the Blubberhouses junction and head for Otley. At the crossroads, do not turn left for Timble Village, but turn right and we’ll meet just near the end of the road. Just look for FRP. He’ll be bouncing around with excitement.). Afterwards, we’ll also join the others in the Sun Inn for a pint and a jolly good catch up so that will be lovely.


Then on Sunday we have the Roundhill Fell Race itself, offering 8.6 miles of PAIN, PAIN, NOTHING BUT RELENTLESS PAIN… sorry, I mean lovely running with pleasant views over Beamsley Moor and lower Wharfedale.I’ve done it a few times, and it is well within the grasp of fell running novices. So don’t be afraid, come and have a go, and see what fun there is to be had up to your knackers in mud.  It’s EOTD and will cost you only a fiver – I know, that’s less than a pint in some places these days – so it’s really good value as well as good fun. And you get championship points, too. What isn’t to love, hey? More details here: https://tinyurl.com/ycnkpten

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