Club Training Routes

Route 1: Valley Gardens 7.25m

Claro Road, Town Centre, Cornwall Road, Harlow Moor Road, Beckwith Road and Green Lane returning via Hookstone Road. Option to cut short via Leeds Road, The Stray or York Place. Longer option up Cornwall Road to Harlow Moor Drive.

Route 2: Knaresborough 7.71m

Route Description: Rear of School to Kingsley Drive, turn right, Knaresborough Road, Boroughbridge Road, Stockwell Road, Briggate, Forest Moor Road, Morrisons, Prospect Road, Knaresborough Road, Kingsley Drive, Rear of School. Option to cut short along Forest Lane, Waterside or High Street. Longer option to miss Stockwell Lane and go down Halfpenny Lane, Chain Lane, York Road and Briggate.

Route 3: Showground 7.39m

Kingsley Drive, Morrisons, Freeman’s Corner, Sainsbury’s, Showground, Hookstone Drive, Leeds Road, Stray, York Place, Claro Road. To cut short, from Hookstone Drive return along Oatlands Drive, Slingsby Walk, Hospital and Claro Road. For a longer option, continue along Leeds Road and back through town, possibly reverse Supermarkets.

Route 4: Knox 5.7m

Over railway bridge, Woodfield Road, Tennyson Avenue, Bachelor Gardens, Knox Avenue, Skipton Road, Ripon Road, West Park, York Place, Claro Road, Ainsty Road. Shorter option, from Knox Avenue back via Skipton Road or Coppice Estate.

Route 5: Cold Bath Road 6.84m

Over iron bridge, turn left, Woodfield Road, Skipton Road, Kings Road, Cold Bath Road, Pannal Ash Road, Green Lane, M&S, St Aidans, Slingsby Walk, Claro Road. To cut short, after Cold Bath Road, go left on Otley Road, York Place, Claro Road.

Route 6: Duchy 5.7m

Claro Road, Skipton Road, Kings Road, Coppice Drive or Springfield Road to Ripon Road, Duchy Road, Cornwall Road, Harlow Moor Road, Otley Road, York Place, Claro Road.

Route 7: Duchy (reverse) 5.98m

Claro Road, Skipton Road, Kings Road, Valley Gardens or Valley Drive, turn right Harlow Moor Drive, Duchy Road, Coppice Drive, Kings Road, Skipton Road, Claro Road.

Route 8: Mallinson 6.26m

Claro Road, Hospital, Slingsby Walk to Stray Rein, turn left along St James Drive, Tewitt Well Road to Leeds Road, past M&S to Firs Crescent, Mallinson Oval to Leadhall Lane, turn left then right into Rossett Drive to Pannal Ash Road, Otley Road, across the Stray to Victoria Avenue, North Park Road, Park Parade, Claro Road. To cut short, at M&S return via Hookstone Road and Oatlands Drive or turn right and run along Leadhall Lane to Rossett Drive. A longer option – continue along Leadhall Lane and turn up Green Lane or along Rossett Green Lane and up Yew Tree Lane.

Route 9: Oakdale 6m

Along Claro Road, across the Stray and through the town centre to the entrance to Valley Gardens. Up Cornwall Road, turning right at the top and continuing down to cross Oak Beck at the road bridge. (This section is unlit and so it is essential that some members of the group have head torches.) A shorter alternative route is to return by Duchy Road or Kent Road.

Continue to follow the road (footpath all the way) up the hill and around to the left and, after turning sharp left at the top of the hill take the path through the hedge to the right into the housing. Go straight ahead following the marked cycle route and continue with a boundary fence and hedge on your right to a junction to the right after 400m. Turn right, still following the boundary fence on the right with playing fields on the left until a building is reached.

At this point it is possible to go around the front of the building and out onto Barberry Drive which will lead you to Jennyfield Drive but it is more interesting (and traffic-free) to pass to the right of the building on an “informal” path which soon brings you out onto a tarmac track. After that it’s just a question of following your nose and not being tempted by any options to go left EXCEPT, having crossed one road you will shortly come to a triangular grassed area with a choice of left or right. Take the left but, if you go right instead, it won’t be long before you reach a dead-end. Carry on straight across the next road (Grantley Drive) and keep avoiding left turns until you hit Grantley Drive again when turn left to reach Jennyfield Drive by the Co-op.

Return to the Club via Ripon Road and Coppice Drive.

Route 10: Green Lane 6.6m

Claro Road, Hospital, Slingsby Walk, Oatlands Drive, Hookstone Road to M&S, Leadhall Lane, Green Lane, Beckwith Road, Otley Road, York Place, Claro Road. To cut short, at M&S return via Leeds Road.

Route 11: Supermarket Sweep 6.54m

Along railway path to ASDA, through town to Waitrose, Stray Rein or Oatlands Drive, Showground, Wetherby Road, Freemans Corner, Forest Moor Lane or Tip Park, Morrisons, Kingsley Drive. To cut short after Waitrose skirt the Stray, Oatlands Drive, Hookstone Road, Wetherby Road, Claro Road. To go longer, from the top of Station Parade turn right to Leeds Road to M&S then Hookstone Road.

Route 12: Stray, Hornbeam, Hookstone 6.1m

Starting at the Harrogate Hockey Club, go along Ainsty Road, turning left at Granby Corner, cross Knaresborough Road running in front of the hospital to Slingsby Walk crossing Wetherby Road and Oatlands Drive. At Stray Rein turn left, over the railway turning left into Tewit Well Road. Turn left at the junction with Leeds Road and left again into Hookstone Road. Cross the railway again and turn right into Hornbeam Park Avenue. At the bottom of Hornbeam Park, turn left onto the Ringway, through Hookstone Woods to the Squash Club. Join Hookstone Drive, turn left onto Wetherby Road and return to Hockey Club .

Offroad Routes for Summer Evenings or Winter Weekends

Route 13: Nidd Gorge (Trail) 4.83m

Starting at Harrogate Hockey Club, exit towards Claro Road and the Iron Bridge. Take the Cycle Path to Bilton Crossing and proceeed towards the viaduct. Take the right hand path just before the viaduct and down into the Gorge. Follow the Gorge bottom path until you reach Milners Lane. Take the right hand wooden boardwalk path up and out of the gorge finally exiting onto Bilton Lane near the Gardners Arms Pub. Take the footpath oppostite the pub to eventually join the Beryl Burton cycle track. At the Bogs Lane bridge exit the cycle path onto Kingsley Road and return to the Hockey club via Kingsley Drive.

Route 14: Burn Bridge (Trail) 4.9m

A circular trail route from the Black Swan pub in Burn Bridge

Route 15: Thruscross Reservoir (trail) 4.85m

A circular trail route round Thruscross Reservior starting and finishing from the car park.