We continue to maintain a stock of vests in various sizes at Up&Running in Harrogate. Old style vests are £10 and new style vests are £15. Please take cash when purchasing a vest.

Sizing Guide – Scimitar_Size_Guide_2019_V1.0-1 (002)

Nidd Vests

Nidd Valley Harrogate Running Vest

Nidd T Shirts

Nidd Valley Harrogate Tee Shirt – Short Sleeve – £27.00

Nidd Valley Harrogate Tee Shirt – Long Sleeve – £30.60

Nidd Valley Juniors Vest

Nidd Valley Junior Runners Vest

Sizing Guide – Scimitar_Size_Guide_2019_V1.0-1 (002)

We have a stock of club buffs which you may see many club members wearing.  These are available from Jeff Walker at the bargain price of £4.00 each or 2 for £8.00  This is a non essential item of kit but you will look great!

Hoodies, again, a non essential bit of kit but makes us stand out from the crowd at races.  These are available from Emblazon, 37-39 Tower St, Harrogate HG1 1HS Just go in and try one on for size.  They will ask you what you want embroidered on to it, most people go for a name or nickname…pay your money to them and they will sort the rest out.  They will call you when it is ready.