Goal race success and lots going on this month!

Wow, I’ve seen some amazing times on strava from York 10km and some great pictures on facebook! Well done everyone, and I hope you enjoyed the training as well as the race itself 🙂 Don’t forget that all important recovery now. Nothing too crazy this week, just shorter easy runs if you worked really hard in the race. Darren’s advice if you have sore legs tomorrow was to eat a bit more lean protein, so give that a go, and drink plenty of water.
Our next goal race is York 10 miles. Watch this space for interval training suggestions, and please shout up if you have entered and need any advice about upping the mileage safely.
In the meantime we have quite a social month planned including some away from club off road runs during the week. Here are some dates for your diaries:
Thursday 5th August – Run from Chairman Rob’s house in Hampsthwaite. Meeting at 7pm as usual.
I think there will be someone at the club for anyone wanting a run from there, but please can someone confirm by reply to this email? Thanks!
Thursday 12th August – Annual Almscliffe crag run from Weeton. Details to be confirmed next week.
Thursday 26th August – Knaresborough Fish and Chips run. Details to be confirmed.

On Tuesday this week it will be a social run from the club as there are no intervals. So just meet ready to leave at 7 pm as usual, and if you’d like a route option, how about a trot through Valley Gardens? https://osmaps.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/route/3368094/NVRR-Route-1-Valley-Gardens

Or Jane Evans is organising a recce of the Round Hill fell race meeting at 7 pm at the race start. Fell kit and torch required just in case. See attachment for where to meet. All welcome.
At the weekend it’s Round Hill fell race or whatever social runs people are organising…….
Phew, OK, that will do for now. Enough information for a Sunday evening! Happy August everyone!

What a week! Again!

Well, we’ve been out there racing quite a bit and some of you have been to parkrun for the first time in a very long while! I Hope you’ve all been enjoying whatever racing / running you’ve been doing. I definitely enjoyed James Herriot trail race today.

Captain Sarah has told me that at Fountains 10km last week, both our ladies and men’s teams came third! Well done all of you!

Talking of racing, next weekend is York 10km which is our first goal race. If you’ve been following the plan aiming for a PB, don’t forget to have a bit of a rest this week, but do come along to the last interval session of the current block. This Tuesday’s intervals have been specifically designed to get you ready and primed for the race at the weekend (thanks to Coach Darren) and you’re lucky enough to have me coaching the session!!!! So I’ll see you on the field ready to kick off at 7 pm.

Thursday is another club run evening. If you’d like a route suggestion, I’d suggest one of the slightly shorter routes such as Knox if you’re racing at the weekend. Maybe even cut it a bit shorter still if you are tapering for a PB. Here is the link:


I assume that there will be also an off-road option available on the day if that’s your preference 🙂

I don’t know of any other news, so I’ll just say have a fantastic week and GOOD LUCK at York 10km! I’m looking forward to seeing all those results.

Coach Emma 🙂

Hot hot hot and a lot going on!

Fantastic efforts all round from anyone racing, getting out for a run, or even doing anything energetic in the heat this weekend! Kudos to everyone who ran at Ingleborough and/or Fountains 10km. I can’t resist giving extra kudos to Sarah Fabron and Chris Morris who chose (nothing to do with me, honest) a category A hot hot hot fell race for their first one! I don’t know if anyone else was running a first race at Fountains, but more kudos over your way if you were!

So, this week then. On Tuesday we have the penultimate intervals session of the 10km plan with Coach Darren from EA. He’s sure to have something suitably challenging for us to do on another hot day. Bring water, hats etc etc.

Also on Tuesday is Vale of York 10miles and on Wednesday it’s a REAL LIFE evening league race hosted by Wetherby! Website for info is here: http://www.harrogate-league.org.uk/wp/

On Thursday, if you’re not too tired from all the racing, we are running from the club as usual, and it could be a nice evening for a run through valley gardens? Just a suggestion but the route is here: https://osmaps.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/route/3368094/NVRR-Route-1-Valley-Gardens

Here are the usual suggested pacing groups:

8 – 8:30 min miles
8:30 – 9 min miles
9 – 9:30 min miles
9:30 – 10 min miles
10 – 10:30 min miles
10:30 – 11:30 min miles

Next Sunday is James Herriot race. Wow, three races to choose from in one week. Go steady if you are doing more than one. James Herrot is stunning if you’ve not done it before and you can have it as a road champs counter or a fell champs counter! Strange but true…..and there might be a juicy thunderstorm according to my weather app! Don’t let that put you off 🙂

Then last but not least, Sylvia has asked me to pass on the following message from the Membership Secretary of Longlands Common:

We would be absolutely thrilled if you and fellow Nidd Valley Runners would like to come to our open day/AGM on Saturday, 24 July.

Please follow this link to RSVP and ignore the part that says one member of the group must be a shareholder/member!


More news on how to access the site on the day and other visitor information will follow shortly.”

So please feel free to pop along if you’d like to.

Bye for now. I hope I’ve not forgotten anything……


Nidd Valley Weekly Message

Afternoon everyone!

I hope you’ve all had a great weekend so far. Well done everyone who has been racing. So far this weekend I’ve seen results from Ilkley half marathon and Thirsk virtual evening league. Marathon training also seems to be in full swing for some members, and our 10km training plan only has a few weeks left to go. So keep up the good work whatever you are training for!

Sarah has asked me to remind you all again to enter the evening league races. A bargain at £15 for a number of virtual races and two ‘real’ ones! Here is the website: http://www.harrogate-league.org.uk/wp/

This week we have intervals on the field again on Tuesday at 7. Jon Easton will be coaching the next session as planned by Darren from England Athletics. So work hard and enjoy! If you prefer to go for a run instead there will also be that option available.

On Thursday it’s run from club as usual. See below for suggested paces, and if you’d like a route suggestion, we’ve reached route 12, but as always, please feel free to choose your own routes in your groups.


Have a brilliant week and try not to get stuck in the Yorkshire Show traffic!


Paced groups for Thursday run:

8 – 8:30 min miles

8:30 – 9 min miles

9 – 9:30 min miles

9:30 – 10 min miles

10 – 10:30 min miles

10:30 – 11:30 min miles

What’s been going on and what’s happening next?

Good evening all and well done to everyone who has been racing at Harrogate 10km and Endure 24. Mark has kindly updated the results website with the latest results from Burton Leonard and Otley 10m which you can see here:


Please check and let Kevin or Sarah know if any results are missing.  Harrogate 10k results will be updated later in the week.

While we’re on the subject of racing, don’t forget that our target race York 10k is less than a month away. Get entering guys! The deadline for entry is Friday 23/07/2021 and the link to enter is here:


In other news NVRR have a team of 6 taking part in a challenge initiated by Harrogate Hospital & Community Charity during which challengers collectively cover the distance of 2,573,066 km over 31 days.  This number reflects the population numbers that Harrogate and District NHS serves.  We can contribute to this target through walking, running, swimming, cycling or any other physical activity. All donations received go towards making life changing differences to patients and their families across Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust. Rob will soon be setting up a fundraising page for us so we hope you will donate to this fantastic local cause.

So now to this week. On Tuesday is intervals (7 pm at the Hockey club field) with England Athletics Coach Darren again. I’m guessing he may have some slightly longer intervals for us as a progression from last week, but you’ll have to come along to find out! Saying that though, the intervals are suitable for everyone, regardless of your running speed.

On Thursday is club run as usual. Ready to run at 7 pm from the Hockey club. If you’d like a suggested route here is a link to route 1 2 AKA Jennyfields

Or you can choose a different route either on or off road if you have someone to lead the way. As Sarah said last week, please look after each other and make sure no one gets left behind.

Her are the suggested pacing groups:

8 – 8:30 min miles
8:30 – 9 min miles
9 – 9:30 min miles
9:30 – 10 min miles
10 – 10:30 min miles
10:30 – 11:30 min miles

I don’t think there are any champs races next weekend, so I bet someone will be organising a weekend run. Watch this space and facebook!

Ok, that’s all for now, I think! Have a great week,