We at Nidd Valley Juniors are all out celebrating our successes. No matter how small or big they may be. Currently, as of 2019, we have only celebrated success in our Winter and Summer race series. This new season we would like to make our celebration more inclusive, that is why our decision has to take on board the British Athletics awards scheme. This will allow athletes to gain awards by achieving during the sessions not only by competing outside of the club.

The British Athletics Sportshall Award are based on a series of ten familiar Sportshall activities designed to provide a well-balanced measure of skills and fitness. To complete an Award, children must complete any5 events (for a Pentathlon Award) or all 10 events (for the Decathlon Award). The Sportshall Awards poster (detailing the events) can be found to the right of this page.

The British Athletics Award Scheme intends to provide teachers and grassroots athletics deliverers with a framework for curriculum time delivery (Level 1) of Sportshall Athletics and encourages skill development and fitness improvement.


The Sportshall Awards are designed to:

•   Provide every KS2 child in the school with an introduction to Sportshall
•   Support the teaching of key athletic skills
•   Assist preparations for Sportshall competition
•   Encourage and reward individual progress
•   Engage whole classes, year groups and schools
•   Enable intra-school, inter-school and virtual competition
•   Monitor and encourage improvement in fitness levels
•   Help develop Junior Sports Leaders

These will be conducted within our usual session and will be presented at the various steps. The awards will cost £2 each once the child has achieved, this covers the cost for the badge.