XC Champs 2020 2021

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Well here we are at the start of the XC season and if like me you have been looking forward to hurtling around a muddy playing field somewhere near Leeds don’t despair as your Captains and resident cartographer, Dave Seaman,  have been hard at work to deliver you a XC series that is like no other! Unprecedented is the word, I believe.

We have 5 races for you each with a route between 4 and 6 miles, approx, all with the correct ratio of mud to miles and hills to flat to ensure that you get all the usual benefits of XC.  Although this year we are unable to provide portaloos situated at the windiest corner of a field far from the start line or our trusty gazebo in which to shiver until it’s your turn to take off those precious layers and stand on the start line in just your vest and shorts.

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The Races  and Dates are:

30 Nov – 13 Dec –  XC route 1 Conynham Hall 4m

Horseshoe Field and Conyngham Hall Map

Horseshoe Field and Conyngham Hall XC course 

Route Map on OS Maps

4 Jan – 17 Jan – XC route 2 Harrogate Crimple valley 10k

Crimple Valley (Showground) XC course

Crimple Valley (Showground) Map

Route Map on OS Maps

18 Jan – 31 Jan – XC route 3 Pannal 7.1k

Pannal- Burn Bridge XC course OS map

Pannal – Burn Bridge XC key map

Pannal and Burn Bridge XC course

Route Map on OS Maps

8 Feb – 21 Feb – Duck’s Nest Farm and Rudding Park

Ducks-Nest-Farm-and-Rudding-Park – route description

Ducks-Nest-Farm-and-Rudding-Park (OS Maps)

Ducks Nest Farm (Garmin)

22 Feb – 7 March –  Route  5 – Knaresborough Lakes

Knaresborough Lakes XC Course – Route Description

Knaresborough Lakes XC Course – OS Maps

XC5 course map

Knaresborough Lakes gpx

All routes and maps will be available on the NVRR website, which means you have the added bonus of being able to reccie a route ahead of “racing” it, just think of this as twice the fun!

So now to the terms and conditions, as Claudia would say!

1. No moaning about the mud, mud is good some people pay a fortune, or so I’m told, to run races called Tough Mudders, this is free fun!
2. You have two weeks in which to complete each race.  Please submit a time only once to either Captain via email any time during the two weeks up until 7pm on the last day.
3. Prizes, as with the road champs there will be an overall Male and Female prize and age adjusted Female and Male prize.
4.  You need to do 3 races to qualify and everyone who competes in 3 races will be awarded a participation badge.
5. Please adhere to government guidelines, currently either run on your own, with a family or bubble member, or with a run buddy, should that be a muddy for XC?Should the guidance change then please adhere to it, let’s hope we will be able to run with a few more muddies soon.

As you know one of the best things about cross country is when you cross that finish line and someone takes a photo of you looking far from your best, or maybe that’s just me.  So please take a selfie of yourself at the end of the race, if you want to, and post it on our NVRR Facebook page.  There will be a prize for the best one from each race.  The judges, that’s me, will be looking for a mud to skin ratio coverage, extreme weather conditions, whether both shoes are still attached to your feet, how wet you are, whether your eylashes are frozen and who is still managing to smile!

That’s it folks go out and enjoy.

Head Girl and Captain Kevin